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Public health

The Public Health Division of the Council interpret and analyse data from various data sources.  The data helps the council to gain a better understanding of public health risk at different geographical levels. For example, the prevalence of disease by age, gender, ethnicity, and deprivation.

It also supports wider public health responsibilities to protect the population and enable further understanding of health and the incidence and prevalence of disease. The improved understanding gained from the data supports health impact assessments and equity audits, which assess the potential impacts on health and the wider social economic and environmental determinants of health. 

The data is used strategically in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and to inform local authority strategic plans and policies, as well as those of the Health and Wellbeing Board, which are produced in collaboration with NHS and voluntary sector partners.

The commissioning of services forms part of the public health function.  The data is used to support and develop public health commissioning functions, for example by maintaining the targeting and value for money of local commissioned public health services. It also ensures that statutory public health advice and support is provided to local NHS commissioners.

To enable the Public Health Division to carry out these functions, they store, process, and analyse a range of different data sources. 

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