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Data matching, mining and analysis | Privacy statement | Birmingham City Council

Tributes paid after death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Cllr Mohammed Azim, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, has commented following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Full details of Birmingham's response

Data matching, mining and analysis

To help us to do this, we may share and process the information provided to us in different ways. This information includes that held in respect of:

  • Council services
  • Provision of council funded services
  • Information provided to the council to help the council in its legal obligations
  • Other local authority records held by Birmingham City Council
  • Information provided by external organisations; credit reference agencies, social housing providers (including Registered Social Landlords), West Midlands Police and West Midlands Fire Service.

Each of the above mentioned categories contain a number of sub categories. If you would prefer a full detailed breakdown of what data matching we may undertake then please contact the Information Governance Team.