How a BID works

The person or company who proposes the BID must hold a ballot, where businesses in the BID area vote on whether they want this area to become a BID or not.
If the BID goes ahead, these businesses help to decide what the BID levy funds should be spent on.

Who pays the BID levy

The BID proposal should set out:

  • who must pay the levy
  • the amount they must pay
  • how it is calculated

The proposal should also include details of relief on the BID levy and who is eligible for it. For example, local charities.

You can check the details of your BID.

If you pay the BID levy and need more information about your payments, you can email

How long BIDs last

BIDs cannot last longer than 5 years. After this, the BID will automatically end and the BID company must hold a new ballot.

Who manages the BID

A BID is managed by a BID body. This is often a private company.

Most BID bodies are not-for-profit companies. These are separate from Birmingham City Council. They are responsible for developing and implementing the proposal, which sets out how the BID will work.

We support BIDs by managing billing and collecting the BID levy. We hold the levy in a ring-fenced revenue account on behalf of the BID body.

Page last updated: 17 January 2024

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