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What we need from employers?

We are calling on businesses to offer jobs, apprenticeships or work experience opportunities.

Birmingham City Councils Employment Access Team will provide a full recruitment service at no cost to employers.

As a ‘one-stop’ service we can talk to you about:

  • Attraction campaigns
  • Quality-check ‘sifting’ service
  • Job matching
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work experiences
  • Pre-employment tailored training*
  • Account management, for a tailored service

Tailored training could be available to start the process of getting the right skilled people into your business.

Many employers have already taken advantage of our recruitment service, saving them time and money and leaving them to focus on growing their business.

The Employment Access Team is currently delivering two European Union funded projects helping to connect local unemployed citizens into employment:

  1. Youth Promise Plus
  2. World of Work (WoW)
  3. Find out about wider support services for employers through the GBSLEP growth hub.

Contact the Employment Access Team

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