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Late applications

The closing date for Primary Reception Class applications was 15 January 2018, and has now passed.

Birmingham City Council has already considered all applications received after the closing date as on time that met the criteria below and had also sent their exceptional circumstances why their applications were late by email by 23 January 2018:

  • there were exceptional reasons which prevented the parent/carer from applying by the closing date;
  • a child and the person with parental responsibility have moved home;
  • where the local authority has contacted that parent/carer regarding the information contained within their application, for example, an incomplete application or potentially misleading information requiring further investigation.

Important Notice

All late applications are treated formally as ‘late applications’ and will be processed after the offer of places to all on-time applications on 16 April 2018 in accordance with Birmingham City Council’s published admissions arrangements. There are no exceptions to this and any further requests for applications to be treated as on time will be refused accordingly, no matter what the circumstances are for their applications being late.

Apply for Reception (late application)