Applying for schools in other local authorities

I live in Birmingham but want to apply for a school outside Birmingham. What do I do?

Birmingham local authority runs a co-ordinated school admissions scheme with neighbouring local authorities. If you live in Birmingham, this means you can apply for schools inside and/or outside of the Birmingham authority area.

  • if you're applying for schools in another local authority then we recommend that you contact them for their admissions arrangements, this will help you to decide if your application is likely to be successful

Your application must still be made to Birmingham Local Authority, even if one or more of your preferred schools is in a neighbouring Local Authority’s area.

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I do not live in Birmingham but I want my child to go to a Birmingham school. What do I do?

If you want to apply for a school in Birmingham, but you live outside of Birmingham, you must apply to the local authority where you live (the authority to which you pay your council tax).

  • once you've applied to your home authority they'll send us your details
  • if you're not offered a place at a Birmingham school then it is the responsibility of your home local authority to make sure your child has a school place