What to do after offer day

National Offer Day

  • Offers will be sent by email on 1 March 2019 by 5:15pm.
  • You can also login to your online school admissions account on 1 March 2019 to see your school offer.
  • If you're happy with the school you have been offered, accept this offer by 16 March 2019.
  • Please do not contact Birmingham City Council before you receive the formal notification of your child’s school place.You must be in receipt of your formal notification email before contacting the council.

Accept the place offered

We strongly encourage you to accept the place offered to your child. This will not affect your child’s position on any waiting lists for other schools you have been refused at or any appeal you may submit against that refusal. It will ensure your child has a school place for September if no places become available from waiting lists or any appeal is unsuccessful.

Waiting lists

Your child’s name will be automatically added to the waiting list for any higher preference schools than the one offered (unless your child did not achieve a high enough score in the grammar school selection test).

So, if your child was offered your fourth preference their name will automatically be added to the waiting lists for your first, second and third preference schools. Although your child’s name will not automatically be added to the waiting lists for any lower preferences than the one offered, you can ask for your child’s name to be added by emailing schooladmissions@birmingham.gov.uk.

Being on a waiting list does not mean that a place will become available. No movement or a number of successful appeals may mean that no places become free to offer from the waiting list. A child’s position can go down as well as up on a waiting list as any late applicants must be added to the list according to the oversubscription criterion they fall into.