How school places are offered

After the closing date of 31 October 2017, we process applications of those that applied on time between 1 November 2017 and the exchange of data on 14 November 2017.

If your application was made after 31 October 2017 please refer to section relating to Late Applications

  • If you applied for any voluntary-aided schools, foundation schools, free schools or academies, we'll send them your details so that they can consider your application against others they receive. We won’t tell them the order that you ranked their school or academy before the offer of places.
  • If you applied for any school outside of Birmingham, we’ll let the relevant local authority know and will give them details of the order that you ranked their school(s).

Parents or carers must complete an application form, listing up to six schools as preferences.

Every child who applies to a school will be ranked based on how closely they meet the school’s admission criteria. 

This is a set of rules the school uses to decide who will be offered a place. 

Each school has their own rules but commonly children with brothers and sisters already at the school or who are looked after by the local authority are ranked highest. 

How close you live to a school is often the most important factor with children who live closer to the school being ranked higher than those who live further away.

  • If your child ranks highly for all six schools, and places are available, you will be offered your first preference.
  • If your child only ranks highly for your sixth preference, and places are available, you will be offered that school.
  • If your child does not rank highly for any of your preferred schools it will not be possible to offer any of your preferences. In this situation, your child will be offered a place at one of nearest schools to your home with places available.

Each child that applied on time will receive one offer of a place on national offer day on 1 March 2018. Offers will be sent by email by 3:30pm, you can also log onto the online application system using your username and password. Offer letters will also be sent out in the post first class on 1 March 2018 which you will receive from 2 March onwards.