Waiting lists

Your child’s name will automatically be added to the waiting list for any school you put as a higher preference than the one offered, unless the schools you listed were selective schools and your child did not score highly enough in the entry test.

For example, if your child was offered your fourth preference their name will automatically be added to the waiting lists for your first, second and third preference schools. Your child’s name will not automatically be added to the waiting lists for any lower preferences than the one offered, although you can ask for your child’s name to be added.

If a place becomes available at a school because someone offered a place declines it, the place will be offered to the child highest on the waiting list.

  • Being on a waiting list does not mean that a place will eventually become available.
  • Waiting lists can be subject to change, this means that a child’s waiting list position can go up or down.

Accepting the place that you have been offered does not affect your child’s position on the waiting list at your preferred school(s). However, if you refuse the place offered it may be that, in the future, we can only offer a school even further away from your home.

Waiting lists for community schools are maintained by the Admissions Service at the council and are maintained until the end of each academic year. We may write to all parents and carers to ask if they wish to remain on that school’s waiting list. If we don’t receive a reply then your child’s details will be removed from the waiting list.

The Admissions Service sends grammar, academy foundation, academy and free schools their waiting lists after offers have been made on 26 March 2018. After this date, these schools manage their own waiting lists.

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