Apply for a secondary school (year 7) place

If you live in Birmingham you can apply online for a Secondary school Year 7 place for Birmingham schools. If you live outside of Birmingham and want to apply for a Birmingham school read more about applying to a different local authority.

Step 1 - Find a school

Search all Birmingham schools

Step 2 - Find out about a school

  • If you have not done so already, please read our guide to finding a school for many important considerations.
  • Visit the school - most schools have open days and evenings throughout September.
  • Read the Secondary school admission arrangements - how realistic is it that your child would be offered a place at that school?
  • Some schools (mainly faith schools and some academies) will ask you to send supplementary information directly to them, visit the school's own website for details and the supplementary information form.
  • Think about how your child would travel to school.
  • You have until 31 October 2017 to research and decide which 6 secondary schools to list as preferences on your application form.

Secondary School admissions arrangements brochure

Step 3 - Apply online

  • Register or sign in to your online account.
  • Read or download this guide to completing the online form
  • Complete your application form online and save this.
  • You can change your preference form online up to 11:59pm on 31 October 2017, but remember to resubmit your form.
  • You cannot change your preferences after the closing date, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • If needed for any of the schools you've listed, send the supplementary information form directly to the school.
  • Remember to select the Submit button to submit your application form.
  • You'll receive an email immediately after submitting that your application form has been received. If you don't see this email, and you've looked in your spam folder, please contact us.

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Closing date: 31 October 2017