What are school entry and selective tests?

Candidates will have to sit one entrance test (consisting of two papers provided by GL assessment) to be considered for a place at any of the grammar schools that are part of the West Midlands Grammar Schools group.

You can read more information on the entrance test and register for the test.

The two papers will be divided into smaller, individually timed sections that test:

  • English comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Non-verbal and spatial reasoning

Both papers are approximately 60 minutes long each, including time for instructions and example questions.

There are no writing sections within the test. All questions are multiple-choice, and children record their answers on a separate answer sheet.

The scores for each section are standardised to take into account differences in age, meaning younger children are not disadvantaged compared to children in the same cohort who could be almost a year older.

Page last updated: 1 May 2024

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