Proposed consultation on admissions arrangements 2020-2021

On this page you can view the proposed admission arrangements for all own admission authority schools within the area of Birmingham City Council that have instructed the council to carry out consultation on their proposed arrangements for the 2020/2021 academic year on their behalf.

The consultation will run from 19 November 2018 until 7 January 2019. Any comments on the proposed admission arrangements below should be made on our consultation page.

Visit our consultation page

If a school or academy is not proposing any changes to their admission arrangements for 2020/2021 or they are making their own arrangements for consultation, they will not be listed in the documents below. You can view the most recent admission arrangements for those schools and academies not making any changes to their admission arrangements, or visit the school's own website.


2020 Primary School Admissions - Non Community Schools


2020 Secondary School Admissions - Non Community Schools:

14 to 19 years

2020 14-19 School Admissions - Non Community Schools

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