Between 3 August and 30 October 2015, we consulted on parking controls in Erdington. 382 responses were received, the results were analysed and a consultation report written.

Erdington is one of Birmingham’s busiest and most vibrant local centres. There is a high demand for parking which impacts on residents and other visitors to the area. We would like to ensure that there is enough parking for a wide variety of users, including residents, shoppers, workers and visitors.

Latest news

Consultation on the statutory Traffic Regulation Order required to implement the scheme will be open until 5 February 2018. Have your say.

The Full Business Case for the scheme is available to view on CMIS - Committee Management Information System.

We apologise that the scheme has not progressed as quickly as we had hoped, but please be assured we are doing all we can to get the scheme delivered.

Proposed scheme

The consultation proposed introducing a variety of new parking controls to the area to deliver a traffic management outcome to suit the individual location and local issues.  This will include the following five different categories of restriction:

  • Permit holders only parking bays and zones (for residents and / or businesses permit holders between Monday and Saturday 8am to 6pm; this could be split into two zones with separate times of restriction during detailed design to include evenings for those roads closest to the centre).
  • Pay for parking bays (max stay two hours, between Monday and Saturday 8am to 6pm).
  • Limited waiting bays (maximum stay one hour, between Monday and Saturday 8am to 6pm).
  • No waiting zones (‘no waiting at any time’ and ‘no waiting at any time and no loading between Monday and Saturday 8am to 6pm’).
  • Other parking bays (including disabled blue badge holder parking bays, motorcycle bays and no stopping at any time except taxis bays).

Outside the specified times the bays would allow unrestricted parking.

The identified option seeks to:

  • Provide an improvement in the availability of parking for local residents;
  • Allow greater flexibility for visitors to Erdington to park for longer and spend more time around the local centre;
  • Provide more parking for visitors (e.g. shoppers), closer to the High Street, making Erdington more attractive as a retail destination;
  • Limit the amount of parking which can occur for the whole day, particularly by people who are not working in or visiting Erdington (e.g. commuters who park for free then catch bus services into the City); and
  • Provide controls which are easier to enforce, thus increasing the level of compliance and encouraging turn-over of spaces.
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