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What is changing and why?

What is changing?

Most of the changes remove free parking and replace it with either pay & display or permit holder parking.

The remaining changes alter the use of bays and are intended to improve the balance of parking to better suit demand in the area.

Why are we recommending these changes?

The Jewellery Quarter is a thriving part of Birmingham city centre and demand for road space is high; as such, we believe that it is no longer appropriate to include areas of free on-street parking in the area.

By repurposing free parking, everyone who parks on street will have to pay (except disabled residents), either for a permit or for a pay & display ticket, so this is a more equitable arrangement for the area. In addition, free parking with a limited stay length is more difficult to enforce and can be abused by some drivers who choose to outstay the limit.

Pay & display prices will be the same as in other pay & display bays in the Jewellery Quarter.

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