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About the scheme

We introducing a mixture of permit parking for local residents and workers, paid for parking (pay & display) and areas of no waiting (double yellow lines). These proposals apply to on-street parking only; off-street car parks and private parking areas would not be affected.

Permit holder only parking

These are parking areas which can only be used by holders of a parking permit. People living or working in the area each area of the scheme (D1 Digbeth or D2 Irish Quarter) will be allowed to purchase permits to park in any permit holder parking bay in that area. Residents will also be able to apply for a permit for a carer who needs to visit them regularly and to purchase a limited number of one day permits for all other visitors.

Buying a permit would allow you to park in the marked areas, but would not guarantee you a parking space.

Blue Badge holders would also need to display a valid permit to park here, although their first resident permit would be free of charge. No advisory disabled bays can be marked out within a permit area and any existing white road markings would need to be removed.

Permit costs:

Permit type


Resident Permit (valid for one year)


Resident Blue Badge holder permit (valid for one year, limited to one per Blue Badge holder)


Business Permit (valid for one year)


Resident Visitor Permit (book of 5 permits, each valid for one day)


Change the vehicle registration number on your permit


Replace a stolen permit (crime reference required)


Replace a lost permit


*The costs shown are for this area of the city only.

Apply for a permit

Short stay payment parking

In these spaces, you will have to pay to park (often called pay & display). Spaces will have a maximum stay period of 4 hours and no return with one hour. Payment to park here is likely to be collected via your mobile phone

No waiting at any time

These are areas with double yellow line restrictions.

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