Birmingham City Council section 114 notice updates

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Misleading prices

Problems can occur when you mislead a customer about the price they must pay for an item or a repair. The price you display or tell the customer is the price that you should charge. There should be no 'hidden extras' that the customer doesn’t know about. If you offer to buy, for example, scrap gold at today's bullion price, you must do this.

Special provisions for jewellery sold by weight

Where the selling price of a product varies according to the price of the precious metals contained in it, you may indicate the selling price in the following way so long as the information required to be given to the consumer is unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible:

  • the weight, type and standard of fineness of each of the precious metal contained in the product
  • any other costs associated with the selling price, which is not referable to the weight together with a prominent notice clearly stating the unit price (i.e. price per gram) for the type and standard of fineness of each of the precious metals contained in the product
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