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Taxi demand survey

Birmingham currently has a temporary freeze on the issue of new hackney carriage (taxi) vehicle licences. We regularly review this policy and test if there is unmet demand, and if so if it is significant or not. We do this because the Department for Transport Best Practice Guidance encourages such surveys to be undertaken.

We have instructed CTS to carry out an independent survey of taxi services with a focus on the demand for hackney carriages. We will use the results of this survey to decide if the freeze on new licences should continue.

Tell us what you think

We need to hear from as many of you as possible in order to take into account your views and experiences of the service to the area. This is your opportunity to give your opinion to an independent body. CTS are looking for as many responses as possible to include in their report.

Our questions are designed to make the investigation as thorough as possible and your individual responses will be kept confidential.  We are not able to answer any detailed questions you may have about the survey coverage or locations, but do want to hear your open and honest views and opinions. We cannot discuss matters not related to the specific needs of this demand survey.

All responses will be summarised and included in our report in a manner that should not identify any individual.

Complete the survey online

Write to us

You can also download the questionnaire and send it to us by email or post it to the address below.

Talk to us

If you want to speak to someone please leave a message with our office stating you are a member of the Birmingham trade (please state if hackney carriage, private hire, operator or proprietor) and giving contact details so we can call you at our expense).

If you write or call on behalf of more than one driver, please let us know how many people you are representing. Please preferably put your request in writing (or email) as soon as possible.

Consultation closes on Monday 30 May 2017