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Alcohol Restricted Areas (ARA) | Birmingham City Council

Alcohol Restricted Areas (ARA)

In an Alcohol Restricted Area (ARA) it is an arrestable offence for any person to drink alcohol after being requested not to do so by a police officer. Police can also confiscate any alcohol and containers in the person’s possession.

ARAs are declared by our Licensing and Public Protection Committee.

How we declare an ARA

Before declaring an ARA, we contact:

  • the Chief Officer of Police, the Local Authority and the Parish or Community Council for the proposed area (and any area near it)
  • the licensee of any licensed premises in the area or which it is considered may be affected by the designation

We consult the owner(s) or occupier(s) of any land within the proposed area and publish a notice identifying the proposed area, setting out the effect of the order and inviting representations.

Once an area has been formally declared an Alcohol Restricted Area we erect signs identifying the place and effect of the order.

Current ARAs