Forthcoming elections

Please note: Birmingham City Council does not have local elections on Thursday 2 May 2019

European Parliamentary Elections

Following the extension to Article 50 granted on 10 April, the UK is making preparations in case it has to participate in the European Elections.

If these elections take place, they will be held on Thursday 23 May 2019, with the count taking place on Sunday 26 May.

Poll Cards will be delivered showing your polling stations around 25 April 2019.

Please be aware that due to the short notice nature of this election, some of the normal venues used for polling are not available, and alternatives have been found.

Please check your poll card carefully, as the polling station may have changed.

If you are an EU citizen* on the electoral register in Birmingham and you wish to vote in the UK in these elections, you must complete and return a form that confirms your preference to vote here in the UK and not in your home country.

We will be sending these forms out by email and through the post in the coming days.

Please complete and return your form by Tuesday 7 May, otherwise you will not be able to vote in the UK in these elections.

* This does not apply to citizens of Britain, Ireland, Cyprus or Malta, who do not need to make such a declaration.

You can download a form if you have not yet received one.

Notices for this election will be published on this page.

Download the notice of election

Download the situation of polling stations

Download the statement of persons nominated

Download Notice of Particulars of Regional Agents 2019


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