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Apply for a Part VII Highways Act licence


Licences last for 12 months and the current licence fees, since 1 April 2023, are:

  • up to 5 tables costs £974.00
  • more than 5 tables costs £1428.00

Apply for a new licence

Note that until September 2024, Temporary Pavement Licences are available – these are likely to be a quicker and lower cost option than a Part VII Highways Act licence.

To apply in writing download the application form, complete and return it by email or to the address below

It takes around two months for an application to be approved, which includes a 28-day statutory notice period for public objections to the application.

Renew your licence or change it

If you want to renew or change your existing licence, email us.

Page last updated: 29 September 2023

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