Birmingham air quality survey

Air quality affects everyone who visits, lives and works in Birmingham.

Birmingham City Council has been working towards creating a greener, more sustainable city for a number of years. We are now working to discover the best ways to improve our air quality, including creating the Clean Air Zone the Government has instructed Birmingham – and four other UK cities – to have in place by 2020 to comply with legislation.

What does it mean to you?

We ran a survey on the consultation website Be Heard to find out your views on air quality during March/April 2017. Those who responded were overwhelmingly concerned with the issue and the negative effects air pollution could have on our city.

How did you respond?

Among the 1,104 responses to the survey:

  • 87% thought air quality is a ‘serious issue’ to be tackled now
  • 88% said air quality has a very serious impact on health
  • 67% said air quality is an important consideration when making travel choices

The top three contributors to air pollution were considered to be congestion and vehicles idling in queues, lorries and vans, and diesel cars.

The top three ways that air pollution should be tackled were using public transport, more trees and green spaces, and restricting access for polluting vehicles.

What happens next?

The results of this survey will contribute towards the next phase of our work on cleaner air for Birmingham.

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