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Redesign of Enablement Service – information for service users

Staff in our Enablement Service, which provides home care support to some people in the city, have voted to undertake strike action from 19 January 2018.   

The reason that the strike action is being proposed is to oppose a reorganization of the services which the council  believes will ensure a better and improved service to those most in need.

Reasons for the Redesign

There are a number of reasons why we need to redesign the Enablement Service, all of which has formed part of our consultation with staff and unions which we undertook in an open and transparent way documenting activities at every stage.  In addition to the reasons below, we also received feedback from service users and ensured that any redesign took into account their comments. 

These reasons are:

  • The current service has a lack of structured working patterns which makes the service expensive and unable to respond to service user needs at a time when they are most needed.
  • Some staff are expected to work the unpopular shifts such as weekend and evening working all the time, this can sometimes leave these shifts under staffed.  The new proposals ensure a fairer more equitable approach for all members of staff.
  • There was a lack of development opportunities for our Enablement Assistants, we now intend to invest in with training, development and therapy-led supervision training for our staff groups.
  • There was a lack of support and development opportunities for managers in the service.  For the service to succeed and improve, these managers will be offered specific training to enable them to lead change and manage performance of the staff they have responsibility for.
  • The service offered little opportunity of extension; the new proposals will ensure that 80% of service users will be supported to be more independent by the Enablement Service following the redesign.

Consultation Process

The detailed consultation process involved 38 staff meetings attended by 471 employees and one-to-one meetings offered to all employees.  We supported staff to attend meetings in work time to make sure that everyone understood the reasons for the service changes.

Service Continuation

The council intends to continue to negotiate on a number of issues and will endeavour to undertake this with minimum impact to the service offered and will try to avoid any strike action actually taking place. 

There is agreement that Industrial Action in Adult Social Care does not impact on the safety of Service Users. Therefore, should Industrial Action not be prevented through negotiation which is the aim, it is not expected that this would cause issues with care of Older Adults.

Any shortfalls of care could be provided by partner agencies or agency staff within service budgets and there is a contingency plan in place to ensure that this can be enacted should we need to do so.

More Information

If you are concerned at all or want more information please call us on the ACAP number 0121 303 1234 or talk to your social care worker.