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Carer Aware FREE training course

Carers fulfil a vitally important role in society. But all too often in the past, the work that they do hasn't been recognised or valued as it should be.

Birmingham City Council in partnership with Birmingham Children's Trust are providing FREE Carer Aware online training courses.

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The Carer Aware online training course has been designed to help change that: it provides everyone with the knowledge and understanding they need to identify and meet the needs of carers.

Do you know any friends, acquaintances or colleagues who are caring a family member or friend who has an illness, disability, mental health condition or an addiction to alcohol or substances?

This certificated Carer Aware training will help you to develop a better understanding of some of the challenges that carers face.

An excellent, informative course. It was easy to use and I feel that I know much more about all the aspects of caring now.

Social Care Worker

Start the Carer Aware course now

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Not only was this course a real eye opener, but what a fabulous way to learn.

A friend of a carer

Course contents

The Carer Aware online training course is made up of four bite-sized sections,that you can complete at your own pace, and save as you go:

Who cares?

  • Defines "carer" and provides key facts and figures about carers and the work that they do. (8 minutes)

Carers and the Law

  • Introduces the Care Act and outlines the main legal rights of carers in relation to assessment, advocacy, support and employment. (20 minutes)

Meeting the needs of carers

  • Outlines the main needs of carers and the support available to meet these. (10 minutes)

Test your knowledge

  • Verify your knowledge and understanding with the course test. (10 minutes)
  • On successfully passing the test, download a personal course completion certificate.
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