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Background documents | Rowden Drive Compulsory Purchase Order | Birmingham City Council

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Background documents

BCC1 - Birmingham City Council (Rowden Drive, Erdington) Compulsory Purchase Order 2017

BCC2 - Plan accompanying the Compulsory Purchase Order

BCC3 - Statement of Reasons 

Birmingham City Council Approvals
BCC4 Report to Cabinet : Regeneration of the Lyndhurst Estate, Erdington
3 November 2003
BCC5 Report to Cabinet :The Lyndhurst Estate (use of housing CPO Powers)
24 September 2007
BCC6 Report to Cabinet: Amendment Sheet for Regeneration Lyndhurst Estate
24 September 2007
BCC7 Report to Cabinet: Acquisition of interests and compulsory purchase order to secure the comprehensive redevelopment of the Lyndhurst Estate
21 October 2008
BCC8 Report to Cabinet: Housing Stock Replacement Programme 2012 to 2022
16 April 2012
BCC9 Report to Cabinet: Lyndhurst Regeneration (Public)
30 July 2012
BCC10 Report to Cabinet : Delivering additional housing Growth through the Birmingham Municipal housing Trust (BMHT): Approval to Full Business Case - Affordable Rent Programme and Stock Replacement Programme
25 March 2013

Report to Cabinet: Various Property Matters - Housing
22 April 2013
a) CPOs
b) Demolitions
c) Highway Matters

BCC12 Report : Additional Housing Growth through BMHT - Contract award for developments at Monument road; Burchfield Road and Lyndhurst Phase 1b
29 July 2013
BCC13 Report to Cabinet : Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust Delivery Plan 2015 to 2018
8 December 2014
BCC14 Report to Cabinet: Keeping Birmingham Building: Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT) Abbey Fields, Erdington Phases 2, 3 - Full Business Case and Contract Award
17 November 2015
Planning Approval Documents

Outline Planning Approval: Decision document
Application number: 2010/04319/PA


Revised Outline Planning Approval: Decision document
Application number: 2012/07153/PA


Reserved matters approval Phase 1a: Decision document
Application number: 2013/00204/PA


Reserved matters approval Phase 1b: Decision document
Application number: 2013/02105/PA


Reserved matters approval Phase 2,3: Decision document
Application number: 2015/01554/PA

Planning and Strategy Documents

Places for Living
March 2001


SPG Affordable Housing Policy
September 2001


Places for All
November 2001


The Birmingham Unitary Development Plan 2005


Local Development Plan - The Future of Birmingham’s Parks and Open Spaces: Supplementary Planning Document
November 2006

BCC25 Local Development Plan - Public open space in new residential development: Supplementary Planning Document 
July 2007
BCC26 Affordable Housing Viability Study 2010
BCC27 Playing Pitch Strategy Final Report (revised)
November 2011
BCC28 SPD Car Parking February 2012
BCC29 National Planning Policy Framework DCLG 2012
BCC30 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2012
BCC31 Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2012
BCC32 Site Delivery Plan 2013
BCC33 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Report 2013
BCC34 Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2013
Housing Targets 2011 to 2031
Technical Paper Housing Targets 2011 to 2031
BCC35 A Housing Growth Plan for Birmingham
October 2013
BCC36 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 5 Year Land Supply 2015 to 2020
BCC37 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Report 2015
BCC38 Housing Prospectus 2015
BCC39 Birmingham Development Plan 2031 (Part of Birmingham’s Local Plan Planning for sustainable growth)
Adopted January 2017

Plan 1 - CPO Boundary - Order Land [BCC11]


Plan 2 - Outline Planning Approval 2012 – Revised Masterplan [BCC13]


Plan 3 - Reserved matters approved plan phases 2 and 3 [BCC 16]


Plan 4 - BDP Proposals Plan


Photo 1 - Pre Existing Archetypes – prior to clearance


Photo 2 - Completed new homes - Phase 1a and 1b


Photo 3 - Order land – Rowden Drive


Photo 4 - Locality - Rear of 124 and 126 Rowden Drive


Correspondence 1 - Initial clearance approval letter


Correspondence 2 - Most recent correspondence


Correspondence 3 - Equity share offer letter Record of contact