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Brickfield Road Tyseley Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) | Birmingham City Council

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Brickfield Road Tyseley Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

The City Council (the Council) has authority to make a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) at Phoenix Business Park in Brickfield Road in order to facilitate the expansion of the adjacent business, Euro Packaging. The purpose of the CPO is to facilitate the regeneration of the Order Lands by way of new construction for general industrial, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution purposes, together with the construction of vehicle access, associated car parking and landscaping and other associated works.

Due to the success of the company and the need to diversify, Euro Packaging, has a pressing need to expand at their Tyseley site. The expansion of the business would create up to 302 jobs with the new investment at the site estimated at £14 – 15m. The CPO was made on the 22 January 2019.

View the Order documentation online

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The council needs to be sure that it can buy the land needed to deliver the proposals within View the Confirmed Order and Notice of Confirmation within a reasonable time.

To do this the council will be using a CPO alongside voluntary negotiations. If the council is not able to negotiate a purchase of a property by agreement, a CPO (if confirmed by the Secretary of State) allows the council to buy land even if the owner does not agree.

The council is legally obliged to pay a fair price for the property under a CPO, as governed by the Compensation Code.

The proposals are in line with the city’s planning framework for the area as set out in the Birmingham Development Plan, and received outline planning approval on the 19 July 2018 (application number: 2018/01359/PA)

To use CPO powers the council has to go through a legal process to ensure using these powers is justified. It does this by making a CPO and asking the Secretary of State (the Government) to approve it.

The council has a statutory obligation to notify everyone affected by a CPO and anyone affected can object and make their case at a Public Local Inquiry, if they wish, before the Secretary of State makes a decision.

Following this process no objections were received by the Secretary of State and the Brickfield Road Tyseley Compulsory Purchase Order was confirmed on the 15 March 2019. Below is a link to the confirmed order and associated notice, which as before, can also be viewed at the City Council’s offices at Lancaster Circus and at South Yardley Library on Yardley Road.

View the Confirmed Order and Notice of Confirmation