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Day opportunities for adults - Vision and strategy

These pages include details of our strategy and plans to engage with our service users, carers and service providers.

The Council currently arranges a range of day opportunities for younger and older adults including those with mental, physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

This may include elements of work, volunteering, contributing to the wellbeing of others, leisure, sport, heathy living, education, arts, training and developing skills for independent living.

These services are provided by both the internal and external social care market. External services are either procured individually for service users, by Social Workers, or commissioned through the Directorates grant funded community services.

The Day Opportunities Vision and Strategy aims to;

  • utilise services within local communities
  • involve service users, carers, service providers and other professionals
  • working in partnership to co-produce the new approach
  • utilise the strengths of different stakeholders
  • gain a greater understanding of what is available across Birmingham

The proposed vision for adults 18+ in Birmingham are that they should be able to ‘have a good day’ by:

  • undertaking activities that have a purpose
  • being in ordinary places
  • doing things that most members of the community would be doing
  • doing things that are right for them personally
  • receiving support that meets their individual and specific requirements and overcomes inequalities
  • meeting local people, developing friendships, connections and a sense of belonging

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