Are you struggling with the cost of living?

You can find help with accessing grants, useful advice and money that you may be entitled to. Visit our cost of living support page

Making a claim for short-term help

Making an application

You can either apply yourself or someone else can apply for you. You can only apply online.

If you need to leave your application for any reason, your partially completed application will be saved using your application number and surname. You can then return to the application to complete it using these details.

If you enter your details incorrectly three times, you will be locked out and see the following message

"Maximum number of access attempts exceeded. Please try later."

If you do see this message you will not able to return to the application until one minute has passed and the correct details are entered.

You are allowed to make two applications in any financial year. In exceptional circumstances, we may consider further awards.

The amount awarded will be based on your circumstances and the funds available within the scheme. You may want to consider other sources to help you “top up” any award made to you.

Make a claim

What happens next

You will be notified the amount awarded depending on the grant type.

For a:

  • Crisis grant payment a decision will be made within 2 working days.
  • Community support grant payment a decision will be made within 10 working days

We are receiving a greater number of applications at this time so you may experience longer waiting times. We will contact you, to let you know the outcome.

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