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Changes to the housing benefit and or council tax support claim process

What is happening?

Birmingham City Council are in the process of replacing the current Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Support online application form.

We wish to make the transition as smooth as possible.

For new claimants who need to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and or need to report a change of circumstance after September 2021, the new application form will be available to use.

For existing claimants who have applied for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support or who have already reported a change in circumstances but need to provide evidence, you will still be able to upload any evidence we have requested to support your claim.

Any significant notices will be posted here, so please check back here regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new claim form go live?

We expect the new online form to be in use from 6 September 2021

What is a BRUM account?

The BRUM account will help you request and track a range of council services, providing you with an improved customer experience. Find out more about the BRUM account

Do I need a BRUM account to claim Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Support?

At this time no, but this may change.

Can I return to my new housing benefit and or council tax support form after I have started it?

Yes, you will be able to save and return to a partially completed claim form within 14 days.

Why are you changing your claiming process?

We are changing the claim form as the licence to use the current form will soon expire. This is also an opportunity to make improvements and offer increased services to claimants and making the claim process easier. It will also give claimants new options for example; to view the claim summary. Claimants will also be able to view entitlement(s), benefit award dates, details of payments made, next payment, and payee.

Can someone complete the new form on my behalf?

Yes, there is a section on the claim form that needs to be completed by anyone filling in a housing benefit and or council tax support form on your behalf.

I am a landlord; can I complete the new claim form on behalf of my tenant?

Yes, you are required to indicate this on the form, and obtain the applicant's permission.

Will I need to provide credentials or evidence with the new form?

Your online benefit claim form will tell you what evidence to provide and how to provide it.

Can I report a change of address?

Yes, you can report a change of address or any other change in circumstances on the website

What if I need assistance?

We have made the online forms as easy as possible. Just follow the guidance and answer the questions as prompted to do so on the form and website. If you still require assistance, please call our contact centre on 0121 464 7000.

I do not have internet access how do I claim?

You can complete the online form on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone that has internet access. You may be able to access a computer free of charge at your local library.

If you are unable to complete a claim form electronically, please call our contact centre for advice and assistance on 0121 464 7000.

Is the new claim form available in any other languages?

The form is not available in any other language apart from English, but you can use google chrome to translate the website to another language using google translate

Are there any interim measures I need to be aware of?

You will not be able to save and return to your online form from 12 August 2021 until 5 September 2021.

During this period, you should upload your evidence when you complete your form. The online form will tell you what evidence to provide.

Please only provide the evidence the online form asks for.

When completing an online form, please follow the form to the end and select the submit button.

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