Information for carers

Why Carers are important in supporting the education of children in care.

Carers can:

  • Be a good role model and show how important education is by supporting, questioning and guiding the children in your care.
  • Make sure the young person is ready for school and ready to learn.
  • Have high expectations of your looked after children and always encourage them to do their best and achieve more.
  • Challenge others to make sure they provide all the support the young person needs.

How carers can help with Personal Education Plans (PEPs)

  • Ensure that you know the PEP dates. If you think a PEP is overdue, contact the child/young person's school or social worker.
  • Talk to the young person before the meeting and help them to give their views during the meeting.
  • Raise any concerns during the meeting and offer as much support as you can.

Birmingham children in care placed for adoption

Birmingham Virtual School (BVS) understand that Children in Care (CiC) placed for adoption frequently require ongoing support; they may need professionals and adoptive parent(s) to meet and plan the provision, people and products required to meet the needs of the child.

Each Children in Care Social Work team has an allocated Birmingham Virtual School worker who advises the social workers regarding Education, PEPs and Pupil Premium. Birmingham Virtual School liaises with Adoption social workers in a similar capacity.

Pupil Premium Plus/EY payments for children placed for Adoption are not automatically issued by Birmingham Virtual School.

If support is needed then a ‘Child in Care placed for Adoption’ Education Review Meeting will need to be held and any areas that require funding will need to be discussed with Birmingham Virtual School.

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