About Birmingham Virtual School

The Birmingham Virtual School is the Children In Care Education Service (CiCES – formerly LACES Looked After Children Education Service).

The Birmingham Virtual School coordinates educational services for children in care.

We work in partnership with the child or young person’s school to make sure they are supported at all stages of their education and have the best opportunities to be successful in their adult lives.

Birmingham City Council is the corporate parent for children in care. This means that we’re responsible for making sure they have the best possible care and that they’re safe, in the same way that a good parent would.

Children in care attend schools and educational provision across Birmingham and other local authorities. The Virtual School monitors their attendance and achievements and ensures that their educational success is a top priority in care planning.

The Head Teacher for the Birmingham Virtual School is Andrew Wright. The Virtual School in Birmingham has three teams – North & Central, East and South.

There are two team Managers, Anne Jordan and Naomi Molesworth.

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