Changes to our payment system

From Friday 1 April 2022 to Monday 11 April 2022, some council services will have limited access to payment data because of a change to our payment system. During this time, payments made to some services will not show immediately on online accounts.

Temporary changes to payments within council services
Council service Impact on council service
Council tax, business rates and business improvement districts

Some payments made after 1 April 2022 may still not be showing on the online account, this does not mean we have not received your payment, we are working hard to bring all accounts up to date.

There is also a delay in the processing of refunds that we are working to bring up to date.


Some of our benefits payments may be slightly delayed this week, we are working hard to get scheduled payments to everyone as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some payments expected to be received on Friday 22 April may be received early the following week; please check your bank account in the first instance to see if payment has been received.

Housing rent payments

We know that rent payments made from 31 March 2022 may not yet be showing on your account. This does not mean they haven't been received, and work is ongoing to ensure all payments are posted to your accounts.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Payments received from the council

If you are used to receiving payments from the council you may see a difference in how these appear in your bank account. Payments that used to state they were from Birmingham City Council may now show Payments No 2 for example on your account. We are working to restore the reference to be from Birmingham City Council but in the mean time we want you to be aware of this change.

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