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Mobile Household Recycling Centres

Mobile Household Recycling Centres (MHRCs) are being rolled out across the city, with each of Birmingham’s 69 wards receiving at least one visit in the next year.

Each MHRC features three vehicles: a regular refuse collection vehicle for waste with no other use; a van for taking away items that can be reused by charities; a wagon with multiple compartments for recycling by material type.

If a MHRC visits your area you can bring the following unwanted items:

  • Household rubbish that can’t be reused
  • Recycling including paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminium and textiles
  • Garden waste
  • Bulky items or items that could be reused by charities

The MHRC is unable to take the following:

  • Building materials i.e. rubble, concrete, sand, bricks, slabs, full paint pots
  • White goods such as fridges and washing machines
  • Larger items such as garage or patio doors
  • Hazardous materials like asbestos, engine or cooking oil and gas cylinders

Dates and locations for MHRCs will be publicised locally, shortly before a planned visit.

Please do not put any waste at MHRC locations before or after the MHRC is there, as we will be unable to clear it.

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