Frequently asked questions

Our HRCs are to be used by Birmingham residents only, we therefore ask you to bring along proof that you live in the city when you visit any of our five HRCs.

I live in Birmingham, what will happen when I visit the HRC?

Everyone who lives in Birmingham can continue to use any of our five HRCs. When you arrive you may be asked if you live in Birmingham, and whether you have ID. If you have ID you can carry on and use the HRC as normal.

What forms of ID will be accepted?

We will accept the following types of ID:

  • Photo ID and council tax bill
  • Photo ID and a utility bill
  • Photo Travelcards and council tax or utility bill
  • Student ID identifying you as a Birmingham student.

If you do not have Photo ID then a valid paper driving license with your current Birmingham address will be accepted.

I live in Birmingham, but I haven’t brought any ID with me, can I still use the HRC?

If asked, you do need to show ID to prove that you live in Birmingham. If you haven’t got ID with you, speak to a member of the HRC team and they will advise you

Do I need to take ID with me every time I visit the HRC?

Yes - even though you may not be asked for ID every time you visit.

I don’t live in Birmingham, what will happen if I visit a Birmingham HRC?

Our HRCs are for people that live in Birmingham. If you do not live in Birmingham you will not be able to use our HRCs.

Why are these changes being made?

There are a number of benefits to only Birmingham residents using our HRCs:

  • reduce traffic to our sites which will improve waiting times
  • reduce air pollution of vehicles queuing and travelling into the city
  • improve the city’s recycling targets
  • reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste we process
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