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Garden waste bin stickers

When you subscribe we will send you a sticker in the post which you need to apply to your garden waste wheelie bin as shown here:

How and where to apply your sticker:

  • Bin StickerBefore you apply your sticker, write the first line of your address in the space provided on the sticker.
  • Remove previous subscription stickers before applying your new sticker.
  • Apply the sticker to your garden waste wheelie bin (brown lid) as shown here.
  • Please ensure the bin surface area is clean and dry before application
  • The sticker should be placed beneath the handle of the bin.
  • On collection day, where possible, make sure the sticker side of the bin is facing the road ready for our waste collectors.
  • If you have more than one garden waste wheelie bin with an active subscription, one sticker should be applied to each bin.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have subscribed but I haven’t had my sticker yet. Can I put my bin out?

You should receive your sticker within 14 days of subscription.  Bins not displaying a sticker will not be collected.

It has been more than 14 days since I subscribed and I have not received my sticker

You should have received your sticker within 14 days.  If not please complete the garden waste subscription enquiry form

I have been sent one sticker, but I have more than one garden waste bin

First check that you have purchased a subscription for every garden waste bin that you use (if the amount paid to us is below £40 you have only purchased one subscription).  If you have purchased the correct number of subscriptions, but haven’t got the correct number of stickers, please complete the garden waste subscription enquiry form

I need a replacement sticker

If your sticker is lost or damaged please complete the garden waste subscription enquiry form and request a replacement.

I have an Assisted Collection, will this be affected?

Your collections will continue as normal, you will just need to arrange for your sticker to be applied to your garden waste wheelie bin following the guidelines above.

My garden waste wheelie bin needs replacing; will I get a replacement sticker too?

Yes.  You will need to order a replacement bin.  Your replacement bin will be delivered with a sticker attached.

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