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The Multidimensional Show

  • Date: 11th November 2017
  • Location: All Saints Centre ,
    2 Vicarage Road,
    Kings Heath,
    Birmingham B14 7NL
  • Time: 09:30 - 16:30
  • Cost: £15.00

Have you ever wondered if there is more than meets the eye? Is there life beyond planet Earth? What is reality? Come to a day of talks on all the deeper questions on our world and our existence.

In our third conference, we have Cara St Louis, co-author to the book, 'Guardians of Blood and Fire: The Search For the Celtic Heart' , talking about the forgotten interplanetary beings called the Fae who have existed on Earth. Barbara Chabior, Taverstock trained psychotherapist, will be exploring the nature of the singularity point and our potential.

What some in quantum physics refer to as, the zero point field, is the point where there is no time and space. It is the space within which matter exists.

This is a talk where science meets spirituality. From the singularity point all possibilities exist. Rachel Murphy, life coach and hypnotherapist presenting the theory behind ET intelligence as multidimensional/ non-physical beings. There is mounting evidence that we are visited by humanoid life forms that are unknown on this planet yet no one really knows where they come from. This talk gives some clues to bring us closer to that truth.

Early bird ticket is just £15, ends on 2nd October. Book your seat today before tickets run out!