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Maxine Tomlinson | Birmingham City Council

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Maxine Tomlinson

Maxine Tomkinson
Job role
Transformation Manager

I am particularly excited to be working with the Birmingham Children’s Partnership as real interest in systems and cultural change together with professional and lived experience of working with children and families, particularly those at the high end of need.

More about me

Maxine comes with a wealth of experience around political and managerial leadership at a local, regional, national, and international level. She was core to the development of the Political Leadership Academy for Elected Members (Councillors) with the Local Government Association and put in place a developmental programme for the Toronto Mayoral elections. She is also a Board Member with an Independent Adoption Agency.

Maxine’s Transformation and Improvement work with the Birmingham Children’s Partnership includes:

  • Carrying out a fundamental review of the multi=agency systems supporting Complex and High Cost Placement in Birmingham. 
  • Developing a multi-agency engagement and participation plan for young people and their parents/carers in Birmingham.
  • Developing a comprehensive Training and Development Plan for SEND Improvement as part of the Written Statement of Action.
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