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Red N Hot Ltd

Red N Hot Ltd
Date case heard
Birmingham Magistrates Court
Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013
Not guilty
Offence details
Found guilty in their absence of 11 offences; seven offences relating to conditions at Red N Hot, 35 Hurst Street, Birmingham during an inspection in 2017 and four offences following an inspection in 2018. There was evidence of mouse activity, mouse droppings were found throughout the premises. There were a number of missing and broken floor tiles which inhibited effective cleaning. Chopping boards were dirty and the food mixer was dirty with a build-up of mouse droppings. There were potential entry points in the structure of the premises; there was a hole in the corner of the kitchen and behind the drinks chiller. There was extensive pest damage to the walls and large pest entry holes in the bar. The staff toilet opened directly into the kitchen.
(£40,000 - offences in 2017 &
£50,000 - offences in 2018)
£2,753 costs (£2,753 requested)
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