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Tablecloth Ltd / Erkan Oksuzoglu

Tablecloth Ltd / Erkan Oksuzoglu
Date case heard
Birmingham Magistrates Court
Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013
Offence details
The Company and Director pleaded guilty to three offences relating to conditions at Locante, 31 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. The premises was not kept clean, the floor was in a dirty condition as were fridges, freezers and equipment. Stale and mouldy lettuce and cucumber was found in the kitchen. Out of date Soya milk was found. Cooked mackerel was stored adjacent to raw seabass. Raw mussel and bacon were stored next to salad and orange juice. There were no procedures based on HACCP.
Company - £4,000 - offence 1
No separate penalty for remaining offences
Director - £4,000 - offence 1
No separate penalty for remaining offences
Company - £600 costs
Director - £600 costs
(£1,200 requested)
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