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War Memorials: City Treasurer's WWII

This memorial is located on the first floor of the Council House. It comprises a 100cm x 95cm marble slab, with gilded engraving and a polished bronze relief depicting St George slaying the dragon. The bronze carries the signature "Reginald A. Lewis ARBC '43".

The inscription, all in capitals, reads:

In memory of those members
of the Treasurer's Department
who made the supreme sacrifice
in the Second World War 1939 - 45

K. W. Adams
C. T. A. Blower
R. L.W. Ferrer
B. G. Flavell
D.T. Foster
H. A. Hunt
G. E. Johnson
H. C. Martin
H. W. Powis
H. K. Sheasby
E. S. Smith
R. B. Smith
T. J. R. Smith
W. H. Walker
J. W. Whitehouse
S. H. Wilson
G. N. Wise

This part of the Council House is not generally open to the public, but the memorial may be viewed by special arrangement with the Council House curator on 0121 303 2822.

The City Treasurer's World War One memorial is on the second floor.