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Bournville: Selly Manor and Minworth Greaves

Corner of Maple Road and Sycamore Road
Tel: (0121) 472 0199

Opening times

Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm all year round.

From April to September, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays 2-5pm.

First mentioned in the Court Rolls in 1327, Selly Manor was originally a sub-Manor of Weoley Castle. Early last century it was condemned to be demolished to make way for new building development.

It was bought by George Cadbury and transported piece by piece from the original site in Bournbrook (about a mile away) then repaired and re-built in his new village of Bournville.

Owned by the Bournville Village Trust, Selly Manor was opened to the public in 1917 and houses the Laurence Cadbury collection of furniture. dating from c. 1500-c.1750 it is one of the best collections of vernacular furniture in the country.

The garden surrounding Selly Manor and the smaller Minworth Greaves is planted with many herbs and plants that would have been familiar to the people living in the houses.

Find out more about the two houses on the Bournville Village Trust's website.

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