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Missing Poll Cards


Polling Cards are sent out about a month before any election, and provide information concerning the forthcoming election(s), including the location of your polling station, and the method with which you currently vote.

Yellow Poll Cards are sent out to anyone who has a postal vote in place for the forthcoming election, whilst a white Poll Card is sent to any elector who is entitled to vote at the election who is currently set up to vote at the polling station.

You do not need your poll card to be able to go and vote. AS LONG AS YOU ARE REGISTERED, you can still go to your local polling station and give your name and address, and you will still be able to vote.

To check whether you are registered to vote, please call the elections helpline on 0121 303 2731.

For details of what Elections are being held in your area in the forthcoming year, please refer to the Elections homepage for details.

Essential Information
  • Contact the Elections Office:By Personal Visit: Council House, Birmingham, B1 1BB

    By Phone: 0121 303 2731 By Fax: 0121 212 1065

    By E-Mail: elections@birmingham.gov.uk

Frequently Asked Questions
    • You can cancel a postal vote up until 5pm 11 working days before polling day. In order to do this, you MUST put something in writing to the Elections Office – either by post, by fax or by email. The request should be from the elector themselves. Once the postal vote has been cancelled a letter will be sent confirming this, but please note that a new poll card will not be sent out.

      If it is after this deadline, then it will be too late to stop a postal vote being sent out for that particular election. The postal vote should be completed and either posted back, or taken into the polling station on polling day. A written request will still be required to cancel postal votes for future elections.

    • You can apply for a postal vote up until 5pm 11 working days before polling day. In order to do this, an application form must be completed. Each application must be signed and dates of birth provided by the elector themselves. The application form must be completed by the elector, and returned to the Elections Office before this deadline.

    • It may be that you do not receive a poll card because you are not eligible to vote in a particular election.

      British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in all elections held in the UK.

      European Union citizens (with the exception of those from Cyprus and Malta, who may vote in all elections) may only vote in local council elections, but not Parliamentary Elections. (There are special rules relating to EU citizens voting at a European Parliamentary Election - we write to all EU citizens (other than those from the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta) before a European Parliamentary Election to explain this).

      Electors who are registered as ‘Overseas Electors’ (this is a certain type of registration for British citizens living overseas) may vote in Parliamentary General Elections, but not in local council elections.

      The franchise for referendums is dependent on what the referendum relates to – for example, the referendum to see whether there should be an elected mayor in Birmingham was the same as for the local elections, but the referendum about the Alternative Voting System was the same as for a Parliamentary Election.

    • It is not possible to reproduce poll cards once they have been sent out. If registered, a poll card is not required to be able to vote, it is for information purposes only.

      Anyone who is added to the register during the final monthly update after the poll cards have been sent out will receive a letter from the elections office which acts as both a letter confirming entry on the register of electors and a poll card.

      Again – this is for information purposes only.

    • To find out where your local polling station is, you can use the ‘My local Information’ feature on the Birmingham City Council website (click here), or contact the elections helpline directly.

    • The candidates standing in each ward will be made available to see on the Birmingham City Council website – www.birmingham.gov.uk/elections - as soon as they become available, following the close of the nomination period.