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Coroners Service - Service Standards

The Coroner aims to release the deceased to the bereaved for burial or cremation as quickly as possible whilst fulfilling the required judicial obligations. In 2013 91.4% were released within 5 days and 98.2% within one month of death.

The Coroner also aims to deliver verdicts in inquests as quickly as possible following the necessary investigations into the death. To date in 2014 98.3% of verdicts were delivered within 6 months of death being reported to the Coroner.

The Coroner is eager to hear the views of service users on the service they receive. Any comments, complaints or compliments can be made in person, by phone, letter or email. A questionnaire is used to seek feedback on the service's performance, the results in 2014 include:-

  • 100% said that they were dealt with sensitively with courtesy and politeness.
  • 100% were satisfied with the outcome of the inquest.
  • 97% were satisfied withthe speed of hte process to inquest