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Out of Hours Support


Out of Hours Home Care Service

The Out of Hours Home Care Service operates between the hours of 5.15pm and 8.45am Monday to Thursday and 4.15pm Friday to 8.45am Monday, telephone 0121 464 5001.

If you receive a home care service during the above hours or a difficulty arises relating to your home care service, please contact the above number for advice and support.

Night Home Care Service

The Night Home Care Service provides assessed home care between the hours of 9.15pm and 7am seven days a week. We offer 3 types of night care services which are available to older adults and younger adults.

Our mobile night care service operates 7 nights per week, each night of the year between the hours shown above. Our mobile service could visit you up to 3 times during each night depending on your assessed needs.

We also provide a one to one night care service, where a night care assistant could stay with you throughout the night. This service is available for 2 nights per week only, Monday to Friday, it is an assessed service and gives support to carers.

Our Extra Care scheme provides a night care service to people living in extra care schemes. We have night care staff based at the schemes depending on your assessed needs, they are on hand to provide care throughout the night seven nights per week.

Essential Information
  • A Social worker will assess your needs with you and your carers and if you are eligible to receive a home care service, the social worker will arrange for this to be provided.

    If you live in one of the City’s Extra Care Housing Schemes, the home care will be arranged in the same way. The Home Care Service is here to help you with a range of practical care to help you to continue to live in your own home.

    Wherever possible we will do this by helping you to do things for yourself and to remain as independent as possible.

    Home care can be provided for varying lengths of time or as part of an enablement programme. The Social Worker will draw up a care plan with you, taking into account all your needs. After the care plan has been arranged, a home care organiser will visit you to discuss with you how best to provide your service using an individual service statement.

    The Home Care Organiser will also undertake a risk assessment which will look at Health & Safety for you and our staff, and assess for any manual handling issues. If you require or use any equipment, Home Care staff will be fully trained to use it.

    This service is available to people who require constant support throughout the night and whose relatives or carers are caring for them 24 hours a day.

    It can also be provided in any emergency situation which needs to be contained or for hospital discharges on a short-term basis to enable people to settle back into their home.

  • 1. All tasks are undertaken sensitively and with respect for your dignity. We will do this by:

    • Following the care plan agreed by yourself and your Social Worker
    • Working at your pace
    • Asking how you would like things to be done
    • Respecting your dignity especially when carrying out personal care tasks

    2. Services will be provided as set out in the Care Plan and in an anti-discriminatory way. We will do this by:

    • offering you choices of how and when the service is provided.

    3. Services will be reliable. We will do this by:

    • Delivering your service as agreed in your Individual Service Statement
    • Providing the same Home Care Assistants wherever possible
    • Letting you know of any changes in your service

    4. All tasks will be carried out by appropriately trained staff and meet legal Health and Safety requirements. We will do this by:

    • Making sure staff are properly trained
    • Providing staff with appropriate guidance and regular supervision
    • Using the appropriate equipment, if required
  • You can request this service by calling Referral to Older Peoples Access Services (OPAS) 0121 303 1234.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • The Night Home Care Assistant is expected to undertake any tasks normally undertaken by a relative or carer. He/she will offer practical and personal support with tasks.

      You will be assessed before receiving care so that we have an individual Care Plan, recording the exact details of the care that is required.

    • During our first visit to explain the service to you, we will discuss how the care will be delivered

    • Any carer assigned to you is trained to an appropriate level, and will follow the individual service statement agreed with you at the first visit to understand your specific needs to ensure you receive a consistent level of care.

    • You will be assessed to work out the charge for any service you receive and the Social Worker will explain this when they visit you. If you want any further information, visit the Fairer Charging web page that sets out the City Council's Fairer Charging policy.

    • No. Your Care Plan will determine the duration of the care you will receive and this is reviewed at the end of this duration.