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Environmental Health - Customer Satisfaction

We want to hear your views on the service(s) you have received as this helps us to ensure that we are catering to the needs of our customers. Please contact us to make comments, complaints or compliments. We have included below details of how we will respond to any complaint you wish to make about our services.

Graph showing Environmental Health Requests for Assistance (RFAs) responded to within 5 working days.

Environmental Health - requests for assistance response rates

Graph showing Pest Control (RFAs) responded to within 5 working days.

Pest Control service requests for assistance responded to within 5 days

Satisfaction with the Overall Quality of Service received by Customers who contacted Environmental Health for Assistance
Customers contact Environmental Health for assistance with problems that they have with a variety of issues/problems including noise, food, drainage, air pollution, fly tipping, dog fouling, animal health, graffiti, health and safety and dangerous trees - if the issue cannot be resolved by advising the customer then the matter is allocated to an Officer who assists the customer to resolve the problem. The satisfaction graph below demonstrates the overall level of satisfaction of the customers who have received assistance from Environmental Health.

Environmental Health Services - Customer Satisfaction graph

Satisfaction with the Overall Quality of Service received by Customers who contacted Pest Control for Assistance
Customers contact the Pest Control section of Environmental Health for assistance with problems with pests - mainly rats in the home or garden and insect infestations. These requests are dealt with by a visit from a Pest Control Officer who treats the pest to destroy it. The Pest Control satisfaction graph below demonstrates the overall level of satisfaction of the customers who have received the Pest Control service from Environmental Health.

Pest Control satisfaction graph

Since April 2013 Environmental Health received 35 complaints in relation to the service, only two of which were upheld. The complaints did not demonstrate any trends and were dealt with on an individual basis. Environmental Health received 26 compliments in the same period.

Since April 2013 Pest Control received 54 complaints, 28 of which were upheld. Some of those related to technical difficulties that meant cuustomers appointments were not passed on to officers to deal with. This issue has been addressed and those complaints have stopped. Other complaints related to officers not making sufficient attempts to contact customers when they fail to answer the door to the pest control officer. We have addressed this by instructing that pest officers attending an appointment must phone the customer if they are unable to get an answer at the door. Pest Control have received compliments about their services.

We hope that the service we provide meets your needs and expectations. If our services fall below the high standards we set ourselves there is a City Council complaints procedure which enables you to bring such matters to our attention. If you wish to make a complaint it is important that you provide us with as much detail as possible about what has happened. We can investigate but cannot respond to anonymous complaints.

We undertake to respond to complaints in the following manner:-

  • Your complaint will be taken seriously and you will be dealt with fairly and courteously
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged and you will be notified of the name and contact number of the Investigating Officer
  • The Investigating Officer will try to resolve your complaint informally within 48 hours of speaking to you (an interpreter will be provided if required)
  • For any investigation taking longer than 48 hours, we will aim to complete it within 15 working days and we will provide you with a written reply
  • If we cannot complete the investigation within 15 working days, we will tell you, and give you a date by which the investigation should be completed
  • You will be given an opportunity to discuss the results of the investigation and you will also be told who you can complain to if you are not happy with the outcome of the investigation.

Please send your complaint/comment/compliments to:

Ann Hyland,
Your Views Co-ordinator,
Regulation and Enforcement
Lancaster Circus
PO BOX 15908
Birmingham B2 2UD

Telephone: 0121 675 1939
Fax: 0121 303 6994
E-mail: ann.hyland@birmingham.gov.uk