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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Asset Management

"Driving change in the way the council utilises and optimises the performance of its property assets to improve the delivery of services to the citizens of Birmingham."

A Birmingham City Councils owns over 500million worth of non housing property - quite a lot! The Corporate Property Team compiles Birmingham's Corporate Asset Management Plan (AMP). Typically the AMP will cover a three year period, but is annually reviewed. The purpose of an AMP is to formalise the Authority's approach, processes and procedures for managing its property portfolio, to look at previous achievements and challenges and future improvements in all areas of property management. This is crucial to any Authority to ensure we are getting optimum performance from our property and to be able to make informed decisions regarding property. Before a Corporate AMP can be produced, Service Departments have to compile Service AMPs to an agreed framework. These are important documents in their own right to formalise each Service's approach to managing its own property portfolio. The information within the Service AMPs is then collated and brought together in the Corporate AMP, overlaid with corporate strategic property policies.

More recently asset management as a whole has become a priority for Central Government and it also forms part of the scoring mechanism for our Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) grading. Please note that from April 2009, Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) will replace Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA). The hard work by everyone involved in producing the AMP was rewarded when the 2007 Corporate AMP was approved by Cabinet. Please see attachment below for further details.

Should anyone wish to know more about the AMP, or anything else related to asset management, please do not hesitate to contact the team via Claire Stephens, telephone 0121 464 8416, in the first instance.

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