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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham Audit - Risk Management

Risk Management Policy Statement

The Council's Risk Management Policy Statement outlines the Council's approach to Risk Management.

Risk Management Strategy

The Council's Risk Management Strategy gives an overview of how risk management is applied and the concepts underpinning risk management. Included within the Strategy are roles and responsibilities and reporting lines, actions required by a range of members and officers, and the key milestones.

Risk Management Methodology

The Council's Risk Management Methodology is designed around five elements. These are:

  • Risk / opportunity identification
  • Risk / opportunity analysis
  • Risk / opportunity prioritisation
  • Management of risks / opportunities
  • Monitoring of progress

Partnership Risk Management Briefing

Our Risk Management Partnership Briefing explains our risk management processes to the organisations who work with us.

Risk Management Toolkit

Our toolkit has been designed to help our employees manage risk.