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What Services Do Building Consultancy Provide?

We provide services to ensure the safe construction and condition of all types of buildings in Birmingham. In this way, we help protect the health and safety of all people who use the buildings.

Building Control

We check that new building work in Birmingham meets the standards of the Building Regulations.

Building Regulations Approval is the means by which we check that a building is built to these standards. If you want to carry out any building work, you must find out whether Building Regulations apply. If so, you must apply for Building Regulations Approval.

Are you concerned about the safety of a privately owned building? If yes, then please feel free to contact Building Consultancy Direct on (0121) 675 7006.

Surveying Services

We provide a full range of building surveying services to the City Council and other clients. This includes surveys on:

  • The construction and safety of pubs, restaurants, cinemas and other places that require a license to sell alcohol and/or an entertainments license.
  • Demolition work, to ensure it is carried out safely and does not damage the environment;
  • Safety at sports grounds.

We have emergency teams available at all times to survey dangerous buildings, for example after an explosion.

We also work closely with the Fire Service to ensure adequate means of escape in case of fire in public buildings and residential flats.

 Building Regulations Approval Documents

 Applying for Building Regulations - A Simple Guide