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Birmingham Cycle Revolution

So that canal towpaths and green routes are linked to the other parts of the cycling network, some individual ‘local link’ schemes are required across the city.

Until 5 May 2014, we consulted on seven small schemes to improve access to the Cole Valley, Tame Way and Harborne Way Cycle Routes. We are currently reviewing your responses and the outcomes will be available soon.

Scheme Name Proposal Plan Consultation link
Yardley Green Road (CV-5) Final proposal to place a ‘Tiger’ combined pedestrian/cyclist crossing on Yardley Green Road. In the interim, a full width Zebra crossing will be used. Consultation CV-5
Hob Moor Road (CV-6) To remove the existing pedestrian refuge and replace it with a Toucan combined pedestrian/cyclist crossing on Hob Moor Road. Consultation CV-6
Fordrough Industrial Estate access (CV-9) To extend the existing splitter island in the entrance to the retail park/industrial estate, to slow vehicles and provide a narrow refuge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the entrance. The splitter island will be lengthened, and the new island created, using rubber kerbing to access the impact of the swept path movements of articulated vehicles on the size of the island. Consultation CV-9
Stratford Road (CV-18) The triangular pedestrian refuge will be enlarged and left turn link from Stratford Road to Shaftmoor Lane narrowed to 4.0m to reduce speeds, reduce crossing distance and increase waiting area. The splitter island on Bromyard Road will also be enlarged to reduce lane widths and crossing distances and thereby speeds and increase the waiting area for cyclists. The existing pedestrian signal heads will be replaced with Toucan combined pedestrian/cyclist heads and the crossing widen to 4.0m. Land-take required on south side of Stratford Road in order to widen footway. Consultation CV-18
Trittiford Road (CV-26) To place a 4.0m wide Toucan combined pedestrian/cyclist crossing on Trittiford Road. The existing bus shelters will be relocated outside the area of the crossing. Consultation CV-26
Barford Road (HW-1) To place a Zebra pedestrian crossing on Barford Road linking Brandon Passage with Coplow Street. Consultation HW-1
Coplow Street (HW-3) To place dropped kerbs to allow cyclists to access the Harborne Way route or the Birmingham canal towpath. Consultation HW-3

Until Thursday 17 April 2014, we consulted on ten small schemes to improve access to the Cole Valley and Rea Valley Cycle Routes. We are currently reviewing your responses and the outcomes will be available soon.

Scheme Name Proposal Plan Consultation link
Bordesley Green East (CV-4) To locate a Toucan crossing on each carriageway directly in front of the entrance/exit of the Cole Valley green route where it meets Bordesley Green East. Consultation CV-4
Coventry Road (CV-8) To replace the existing Pedestrian crossing with a Toucan to formalise its use by cyclists. Consultation CV-8
Small Heath Highway (CV-10) Southbound lanes on the Small Heath Highway to be narrowed to 3.0m each, measured from the central reserve. The remaining carriageway will be hatched out to provide a buffer zone between the narrow footway/cycleway and the traffic over a length of approximately 240m. Consultation CV-10
Manor Farm Road (CV-14) To formalise the existing on street parking and junction priority. Consultation CV-14
Warwick Road (CV-15) Existing cycle markings to be refreshed and ‘cyclist dismount’ signs added at existing Zebra crossings. Bollards to be repositioned to prevent over-run of footway by motor vehicles. Consultation CV-15
Formans Road (CV-16) To add direction signing to the cycle route and ‘No Waiting’ road markings on Formans Road to keep access points clear. Consultation CV-16
Cole Bank Road (CV-22) To convert the existing Pelican crossing on Cole Bank Road to a Toucan Crossing. Consultation CV-22
Brook Lane (CV-24) Proposed Toucan crossing on each carriageway of Book Lane, joined by a paved area in the central reserve. Consultation CV-24
Hazelwell Road (RV-6) To provide a raised table on Hazelwell Road as a courtesy crossing and speed reducing measure. Consultation RV-6
Cheddar Road (RV-7) To place a reflective bollard on the existing kerb built-outs and re-lay the existing road markings to highlight the built-out presence and to remove the concrete bollards blocking easy entrance for cyclists onto the Rea Valley cycle route. Consultation RV-7