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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Your Views Performance - Planning and Regeneration Service

'Your Views' is the Council's formal customer feedback process. It falls into three categories.

Comments - If you're got an idea for improving our services we want to hear from you. Perhaps you can suggest how we can provide better value for money or do things differently in future. Just tell us and we'll look into your suggestion, see how it might work and then let you know what we're planning to do.

Complaints - Unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong. So if you're not happy with one of our services or the way we have treated you, we want to know. This gives us the opportunity to put things right and, where appropriate, change the way we work to improve our services. We always try and resolve complaints on the spot, but where that is not possible, they will be investigated. We will then we'll tell you what we plan to do about it. There are 3 levels of complaint showing how we escalate complaints to senior manages as appropriate.

Compliments - It's always nice to get a pat on the back, and by telling us when we do a good job we can ensure that the staff responsible are properly thanked. It also helps us to identify areas of best practice that other teams within the council can use to help them deliver their services. All compliments are acknowledged and we let you know if we’ve been able to use your compliment to improve service delivery.

You can make Your Views known to us here.

Find out how we turned your comments, complaints and compliments into service improvements.

The number of comments, complaints and compliments received over the last 2 years is detailed below.

2013/2014 2014/2015
Compliments 43 94
Comments 20 35
  • Stage 1
21 10
  • Stage 2
125 175
  • Stage 3
13 42
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Last Updated : 13th January 2016