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Books for Children with Dyslexia from Barrington Stoke Publishers

Barrington Stoke books are for children and young people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. There are books for 8 to 13 year olds and others aimed at 13 to 16 year olds.

The books have cream paper, well-spaced text and an easy to read font.

Here are the Barrington Stoke Books which you can borrow from Birmingham Libraries:

Books which will interest children aged 8-13

Atkins, Jill - What's Going On, Gus?
Belbin , David - Nicked!
Bertangna, Julie - Bungee Hero
Blackman, Malorie - Hostage
Bradman, Tony - Two Jacks
Breslin, Theresa - Starship Rescue
Dalton, Annie - Friday Forever
Deary, Terry - Ghost for Sale
Deary, Terry - Hat Trick
Deary, Terry - Pitt Street Pirates
Dowland, Colin - Billy the Squid
Dowland, Colin - Eddie and the Zedline
Goodhart, Pippa - House with No Name
Hardcastle, Michael - Dannys Great Goal
Hendry, Diana - Crazy Collector
Hill, Douglas - Monster Maze
Hill, Douglas - Star Dragon
Hinton, Nigel - Ship of Ghosts
Hoffman, Mary - Virtual Friend
Hoffman, Mary - Virtual Friends Again
Hooper, Mary - Genie
Jungman, Ann - Resistance
Lawrence, Michael - Young Dracula
MacPhail, Catherine - Picking on Percy
Masters, Anthony - Tod in Biker City
Morgan, Michaela - Pompom
Morpurgo, Michael - Who's a big bully, then?
Oldfield, Jenny - Extra Time
Oldfield, Jenny - Off-Side
ONeill, Judith - Whirlwind
Prince, Alison - Screw Loose
Prince, Alison - Second chance
Rushton, Rosie - Life Line
Shulman, Dee - Aunt Bellas Cat
Strong, Jeremy - Living with Vampires
Strong, Jeremy - Problems with a Python
Townson, Hazel - Lift Off
Townson, Hazel - Secret Room

Books which will interest young people aged 13-16

Anderson, Rachel - Joes Story
Ashley, Bernard - Playing Against the Odds
Belbin, David - Harpies
Brown, Eric - Twocking
Coppard, Yvonne - To Be a Millionaire
Crowther, Pete - All We Know of Heaven
Durant, Alan - Ring of Truth
French, Vivian - Falling Awake
Geras, Adele - Wedding Present
Gray, Keith - Before Night Falls
Halam, Ann - Shadow on the Stairs
Hill, Douglas - Alien Deeps
Howarth, Leslie - Dude Countys Big Summer
Johnson, Pete - Runaway Teacher
Keaney, Brian - No Stone Unturned
Lovegrove, James - House of Lazarus
Lovegrove, James - Wings
MacPhail, Catherine - Kind of Magic
Masters, Anthony - Stalker
Meres, Jonathan - Clone Zone
Prince, Alison - Turnaround
Rai, Bali - Dream On
Rai, Bali - What's Your Problem?
Rushton, Rosie - All Change
Sheridan, Sara - Blessed and the Damned

You can reserve books online through the Library Catalogue. You can look up the whole Barrington Stoke list by entering 'Barrington Stoke' under the Author search.

Dyslexia Booklist for Young People